Jake Morne (Example PC)

Lead General Systems Engineer


Public Knowledge

I recommend saying what you are skilled at, and what people will know a few minutes after awakening and meeting each other. This section is intended to be bullet pointed or short.

  • Training in all colonial systems
  • Born and raised on Demeter with his sister.
  • Part of the first wave of colonists headed to the planet
  • Has had a terrible reaction to the Fourth System and keeps hallucinating the face of a strange woman


These are the kinds of things to EMAIL to me, rather than list publicly or discuss with other players.

  • Slowly remembers the woman he saw was his sister
  • Realizes that she died, and it prompted him to leave Demeter
  • The hallucinations get worse and worse until she becomes a real part of his reality
  • Eventually, he realizes that other things have been hallucinations, too, but he didn’t realize it until he’d sorted his memories out (The Fourth System can really mess with your head; run with it)

This is where you would put a more thorough background. However, you can’t really do that in a game where you and the other players don’t know exactly who you are. I would recommend a description of your Introductory Video.

Example Introductory Video

Hey Jake, I want you to know not to be worried. The ESF tells me that you’ll have memory loss for a little while, but eventually you’ll sort everything out. And your job is going to be pretty easy, considering the Vanguard Team will already have set up the Space Elevator, the colony, and food. I mean, you’re basically a baby sitter for Censored by the ESF.

I feel like you should know a little bit about yourself, because it’s how I define myself. I grew up on Demeter in a rural community with Censored by the ESF. was always my best friend, so we went to university together and majored in engineering. But Censored by the ESF, and I decided that leaving Demeter was the best thing for me. I arrived on Earth a few years later, and well here I am.

Good luck and don’t Censored by the ESF.

End Transmission

Jake Morne (Example PC)

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