What do you love and live for

This is an important question to determine your character’s goals. Even though you might not know all your goals, or your perceived goals may be different from those that your character eventually “remembers,” having them will create much more drive and plot for you to explore in the story.

I often find that people have trouble coming up with character goals in games where characters are all working together and “good.” But it is very possible to create compelling goals that might come into conflict with others, and require compromise. A roleplay of compromise is much more interesting then goals that have no intersections.

I feel that the best place to start when determining goals for character is to ask what they care about and what they love. This could be their honor, their family, or the protection of the innocent. It could even be the following of an ideal like the influence of the EG on a planet 40 years out of contact from it.

Some Examples of Character Goals

  • Protect your family at all costs
  • Figure out whom your family actually is in a setting where you have no clear memory of them
  • Establish the colony
  • Take over the colony and make yourself Governor
  • Find a new life and escape your past

What do you love and live for

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