Desolaform is primarily a story of mystery, discover, and horror. But it is not just about discovering things out in the galaxy, it is also about discovering things inside yourself. The primary mechanic that implements this idea is the fact that the entire crew will awaken without their memories. Everything from who you know, to what your own name is. It is important to create a character personality, and either have fun creating a background that you will slowly discover over time, or have a loose background that I will write and reveal to you.

Other than waking up in a containment chamber with your name on it, there is a short Introductory Video that will help you with you remember your life.

Some examples of discovery:

  • You find a picture of a beautiful woman in your locker, but you don’t remember whom she is. Eventually you remember that she is your wife, and you need to find out where she is on the ship, so you can be reunited. Unfortunately… you eventually realize that she left you, and that was the reason you went on the journey.
  • You want to find and save your girlfriend from the disasters and chaos on the colony, hallucinating images of her with each step. But soon you discover that the last transmission she sent you was of her killing herself.

These examples also play to the theme of horror in the game. Conflict is what creates good stories, and rarely will the things you remember and discover be things that turn out in your favor.


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