The Fourth System and the Beginnings of Interstellar Travel

Science continued to advance, and eventually developed a new type of Theoretical Physics, and with it, a new theoretical “Propulsion” system. It was named “ The Fourth System,” because it operated outside of normal human ability to perceive space-time.

The System had two fatal flaws. The first was that it operated so far outside of normal human understanding of the universe, that those who studied it became almost incapable of interacting with other humans. Upon fully realizing the ideas behind the science, they were no longer capable of seeing the world the same as their fellow men.

The second flaw was a distortion in local space produced by the Fourth System. When activated, the system generated massive waves in space, and if they were not clear for hundreds of thousands of miles, it could cause disastrous effects to the system and local space without any hope of generating propulsion. For this reason, all tests of the system were performed in deep space, outside of our solar system. All future ships would be built with fail-safes to prevent a misfire of the System in populated space.

It was not long before unmanned exploration missions were sent to nearby stars. Many discovered planets and moons with desirable compositions and distances to stars. Unmanned Terraforming missions were sent to seed the Planets for future generations.

It should be made clear at this point that due to the constraints of reaching Deep Space on Sub-Light engines, the reentry of Alien solar systems, and the actual time traveled using the Fourth System, travel and communication between systems is certainly not instantaneous and can take years.

The Fourth System and the Beginnings of Interstellar Travel

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