The First Failure and the Formation of the Earth Space Fleet (ESF)

Only twenty years after seeding, a planet was deemed ready for human colonization. It was chosen due to its similarity to Earth in temperament, gravity, and affinity to the terraforming process. A colonial ship, the Kepler IV was prepared with thousands of citizens, ready and willing to colonize a new world. They were armed with the best technology and equipment the Earth Government could provide.

This was the first mission where human beings were exposed to Fourth System travel for an extended period of time (Multiple Years). It revealed further flaws with the System. The perception of time was muddled and non linear. Some of the crew were lucky and simply experienced intense headaches and massive memory loss. The majority found themselves experiencing time out of order; knowing the future in past events, or finding themselves in strange and often dangerous situations without any memory of how they got there. Many members of the crew cracked under the pressure, and simply went insane, often violently.

Upon reaching its target destination, the Kepler IV was able to jettison a single short range craft toward its proposed destination, before the colony ship experienced a catastrophic system failure and detonated in deep space. The craft made its way to the target planet, with a record of what had happened on the ship. Two bodies were found in the craft, having died years earlier of a lack of oxygen and heat when the craft’s short-range life support systems failed after extended travel in deep space.

This failure was only discovered years later by an artificial intelligence communication robot sent after the Kepler IV when it did not send word back.

After discovering the true dangers of deep space and FTL travel, an organization was formed to manage the new demands of exposure to the System and find solutions. It was named the Earth Space Fleet or ESF.

The First Failure and the Formation of the Earth Space Fleet (ESF)

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