The Development of Servavores and Deep Space Hibernation (DSH)

The ESF believed that they had been presented with two clear problems. How to keep the human mind from experiencing the time dilation of FTL travel, and what would manage the incredibly complex systems on the colonial ship.

True Artificial Intelligence (AI) was made illegal in early Earth history, so it was determined that the ESF would need to engineer a living creature capable of operating under the strange conditions of space travel, while maintaining any necessary systems. It would be given the aspects of many different known animal species, imprinted with its assigned ship’s systems, and a variety of techniques for responding to ship emergencies. But it would need three key features: a complete servitude to mankind, an inability to harm a human, and a complete lack of short-term memory. It was determined that these were the characteristics necessary for a creature that could operate under these conditions. If it had no concept of cause and effect beyond what was bred into it, it would not be shocked by sudden changes in space-time. These new creatures were named “ Servavores.”

The second problem was how to deal with the human crew. A drug-induced coma was invented, which suppressed the creation of new memories, and removed the sensation of the passage of time. The human would awaken from years or even decades, and the only apparent side effect was temporary amnesia upon awakening.

Due to this side effect, the ESF decided against a massive wave of colonists out of fear of the chaos that could ensue when the entire crew awakened from the coma. The ESF trained elite Vanguard Teams to send ahead of the main ship. These teams would awaken and have enough time to establish a Space Elevator, Space Station for docking with the Colonial Ship, and a basic colonial base on the planet. This way, when the main ship arrived, confused and disoriented, the Vanguard Team would be there to assist and move the colonial population and equipment to the surface without incident.

The Development of Servavores and Deep Space Hibernation (DSH)

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