When will you be running the game?

I am currently in the planning stage and gauging interest with people I usually play with. I will start seriously inviting people in April and probably run the first game in May, so that everyone will have more than enough time to seriously consider a character.

How many players can be in your game?

I will probably aim somewhere between 5 and 10, but I would really prefer that the party be in the mindset to engage and have fun with a heavy roleplaying system, rather than stats and combat. This also means I will need more time to prepare?

Can you recommend anything for me to see to get an idea for the tone of the game?

I would recommend the game Dead Space, movie Pandorum, or my weird senior thesis I shot when I was in college. I got a lot of my ideas while making it.

The 4th System

I’ll put more questions here, as people ask them!


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